Death & Taxes are life's certainties, but I can 
help soften the blow of at least one of them!


That’s the sound of a taxpayer being hit between the eyes with the 10,000 page tax code. Every April 15th -- Wham!

You can spend hours filling out forms and getting irritated about how much the government steals from you in taxes. So you’ll be glad to know this year’s blow can be cushioned. The expertise and service I offer will save you time, money, and definitely some headaches. In addition you’ll be confident knowing every possible deduction was taken. Let me show you how.

Quality, Individual Service

Don’t settle for impersonal service from the blockheads at some large national chain. Most of the employees at those store front tax prep firms are part-timers with no tax planning experience. To them you’re nothing more than another commission, another face in the crowd, someone they never plan to see again.

With me, you’ll receive the personal and professional service that you as an individual deserve.

You'll also benefit from the twenty-two years of experience in individual and corporate tax planning I bring to your return. Every year at least one taxpayer comes to me dissatisfied with a return prepared by a national chain. Once I redid one of those returns and saved the taxpayer more than $2,600. And this wasn’t even a complex return.


Honestly, when I saved that client $2,600 the fee was higher than the national chain. But hey, running the risk of having an error prone return and paying hundreds more in taxes isn’t worth any amount of savings on the tax prep fee. As John Ruskin said, “There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price only are this man’s lawful prey.”

A recent survey found that the average fee received by one large tax prep service was double their popularly advertised price. To receive an honest estimate on what your tax prep fee will be, give me a call.

You’ll find that my fees are competitively priced. In fact, one client came to me for corporate tax work for which I charged him $2,000. His previous CPA billed him $6,000. Now, I’m sure you’ll agree, that’s a competitive price!

I owed the government $3400 in taxes...

You may laugh when a comedian jokes about government waste by saying, “I owed the government $3400 in taxes. So I sent them two hammers and a toilet seat.” But you know sending the IRS building supplies just isn’t going to work.

The only way to save on your taxes is proper planning and experienced accounting services.

Call today to set up your free initial consultation. Don’t get WHAMMED - by the IRS tax code, costly overpriced accounting firms, or some cheap inaccurate tax prep service. Instead of struggling with your numbers, try mine . . . (248)473-9919. Guarantee yourself personal service, reasonable rates, and the largest legal tax savings possible.


“I received my tax bill - only $6.31. Hard to believe! A bit different from the first one of $1,211.30. Many thanks for your help.” -- Barbara Clements, Santa Rosa, CA

“He not only showed that he was concerned about the accounting services to be rendered, but he was concerned about me, the person. Mr. Weigel has the skill to listen and format all essential details and data necessary to provide a complete accounting package. He also, was very prompt in response to all of my telephone calls to him. Workmanship of this nature has to be commended, because it greatly exemplifies the outstanding character of your firm.” -- Rev. Arthur Caldwell, Detroit, MI

“Thank you so much. I’m always amazed at how simple you make all this seem!” -- Mrs. E. J. Ranich, St. Clair Shores, MI

“Many Extra-Extra Thanks for all your hard work and kindness.” -- Sandy Najim, Novi, MI

“It's always a great assurance to me to have you prepare my taxes. Your conscientious manner & expertise make me absolutely secure that my taxes are prepared correctly & I appreciate your service greatly. . . Thanks so much Dave.” -- Patty Jensen, Michigan

“Thank you so very much for all your endeavors and your patience with me.” -- Diane Chevernohy, Michigan

"The state claimed I owed over $100,000.  After months of telephone calls and letter writing he was able to reduce my debt to $3000.00, for a very modest fee.  I would recommend David Weigel to anyone who needs help with their taxes curent or deliquent.  He is a very sincere, knowledgable, and hard working person!" -- Emil A. Luzaich, Livonia, MI

“Thanks David John. Again you have come to the rescue.” -- Cindy S, FL

“I really appreciate all of your help ~ not just w/ my taxes, but the 401K info too. You've been a great help!” -- Angelique Clouse, Garden City, MI

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